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Get a 50% boost when you spend £30 or more on a new campaign.

Audio ads on Ullplay

Any audio ad you create on Ullplay will directly support the musicians.

Whether it's promoting your new album or or business, an audio ad is ideal for engaging an audience listening to their newly discovered tracks.

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How much does it cost?

Ads on Ullplay cost as little as £1 for display ads and £2 for audio ads.

Have complete control over your budget and you'll never be charged over. Reach your desired audience and show your music, project or brand to the world.

Who can I target?

Ullplay's filtering system allows you to completely tailor your audience to gain maximum exposure of your ad. You can target your audience by location, interests, gender and more.

How do I keep track of my ad?

Stay up to date and see how your ad is performing by using Ullplay's analytics system. Keep track of various statistics including conversion rates, location, age range and more.