Ullplay for musicians

Ullplay is a music social network which aims to give musicians the best possible platform to build a community based around their music. The possibilities are endless and the best part is. It’s all free to use.

Distribution made simple

Upload, share and distribute your music to anyone, anywhere. Set your own prices, enable it for stream revenue or simply give it away for free. The choice is yours.

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Stream Revenue

Ullplay believes in supporting the artists and with our stream revenue system you can begin monetising your tracks which allows you to earn 55% of audio ad revenue when your tracks get listened to on Ullplay.

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Private Playback

By setting your music to private you can share your content with the people you choose which is perfect for giving special fans a sneak peak at your latest album or sharing a demo track with your friends.

Unlimited Storage

No more deleting albums to make way for new ones. With unlimited storage you can upload your whole collection of music and more.

Music Formats

Get prestine quality by uploading tracks in a variety of different formats and with a file size of up to 20MB.

Supported file formats include MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC and MP4.

Organise Events

Ready to play live? Ullplay has an integrated event system which allows you and other venues to organise events. Build a line-up of amazing talent and put on a night that people will never forget.

Invite Others

Starting up a new band? Find like minded musicians and invite them to join your project and begin comparing ideas to make your sound unique.


Measure your effectiveness with real time analytics; find out who’s interacting with you, your posts and your music.

Be Notified

Have full customisation over how and when you are notified on Ullplay. Do you want to know when someone follows you? how about if someone downloads your music? It’s all up to you.

Share the experience

Capture the unmissable moments of your last tour or recent gig and share those unforgettable moments with the world.

Ullplay for you

You don't have to be a musician to get the best out of Ullplay
All you need is the love of music.

It's all about you

Get your own personal music profile centered around you. Upload your own photos and music, customise your profile to your liking or follow others and get recommendations based on them.

It's social

Being social on Ullplay doesn’t require you to change the way you speak online. This means hashtags and @ symbols all work as you would expect thus making it even easier to start using Ullplay.

Social sharing

Sharing content has becoming an integral part of social media and on Ullplay this is no different. Your community can share your profile, music, photos and announcements to their feed raising awareness about you to their followers and communities on other social platforms.

Unlimited Streaming

Listen to your favourite tracks or follow your favourite projects anywhere and at anytime on your desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Smart Suggestions

Discover new music by getting recommendations based on who you are following and the types of music you enjoy. Meaning you’ll always be able to find new music to love.

Have your say

Leave feedback and comments on the music you listen to, give your opinion and help support the musicians creating the great songs you have fallen in love with.

Yours to keep

Once you purchase a track or album on Ullplay then it’s yours to keep, You are free to download it to any device connected to your account at any time.

Pick your favourites

Save your favourite albums, tracks and photos to make them easier to find at a later date.


Make your own playlists featuring all of your favourite tracks on Ullplay. Create as many playlists as you like and share them with all of your friends.

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