Advertising Prices & Guidelines

How much does it cost?

To place a picture or audio advert on Ullplay simply follow the instructions on the Ullplay advertising system, prices for that system are set out below. Please note that all prices may change from time to time and maybe subject to VAT.

Advertise yourselves, your music, albums, items or events

Impressions Display Ads Audio Ads Homepage Takeover
1000 £5.00 £10.00 £100.00
Extra 200 £1.00 £2.00 £20.00

Guidelines to Advertising

Ullplay will only offer this services to user's that abide by all the terms that have been set out in this document, the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Copyright and Private Policies.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all content and will retain all rights in and to the User Content that you submit for or in connection with the advertising Service and agree that Ullplay is not accountable or liable for any content you submit.

You agree that the topics you choose for targeting your advert do not reflect the personal beliefs, characteristics or values of user's.

You understand that all prices for advertising are subject to change at any time and that Ullplay cannot and do not guarantee any results when using the advertising service.

We reserve the right to include additional content, branding, and promotional messages in your advertisements.

You also acknowledge that Ullplay in its own discretion has the right to review and refuse your submission (with or without a refund) before allowing it to be viewed on the website or social media channels by other user's.

You understand that by clicking 'Continue' when purchasing advertising space that this action is final and you have agreed to all the terms, provisions and guidelines that govern Ullplay's website and any of its features or services.

You acknowledge that by clicking 'Continue' you are agree to pay the sum requested including any VAT and transaction cost.

You also understand that Ullplay may review your content after your payment is received. All payments are requested and taken when you click 'Continue'. This payment is non-refundable. So please make sure all content is appropriate before you proceed in clicking 'Continue'.

You Warrant that by clicking 'Continue' that you are solely reasonable for the content you submit for advertising and that you either own or have all necessary licences or have permission to use such content and shall provide proof of such licences if requested by Ullplay. You also warrant that your content abides by all the Terms of Service and regulations set out in this document. You hereby release Ullplay and any of its staff or representatives from any legal action or any legal cost that may occur as a result of your content.

Failure to comply with the Terms of Service and the Advertising Guidelines may result in a variety of consequences, including the cancellation of adverts you have placed and the termination of your account.

Please note that all prices for advertising maybe subject to V.A.T

Dated: October 25 2015