Ullplay Community Guidelines

Please respect your Ullplay Community Guidelines and all other user's on the site at all times. Do no abuse the site or its user's in anyway.

Ullplay reserves the rights to change Community Guidelines at any time with or without notification to you. It is the user's responsibility to check for any changes.

We aim to make the website more efficient for its user's. Ullplay welcomes and will listen to all new ideas to help artists and the site. Simply contact us with your suggestions.

At Ullplay we understand that music is life to many artists so want our user's to feel free and welcome on the site by every user so before you submit anything to the site, please ensure that it does not or will not offended anyone in anyway.

While using the website and any of its service you must follow the following guidelines.

On Ullplay you must:

  1. Make your own music (If you suspect copyright don't purchase).

  2. Respect all other user's and their project at all times.

  3. Be 13 years or older (if 13 must have parent(s) or guardian(s) permission).

  4. Provide Ullplay with up to date, accurate and complete information.

  5. Keep Ullplay password and account information private and confidential.

  6. Notify Ullplay immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your Ullplay account.

  7. Flag or report any content that breaches any Terms that govern the website.

On Ullplay you must not:

  1. Submit or purchase any Copyright material.

  2. Submit any sexual or pornographic material.

  3. Be abusive, racist or show threatening Behaviour to any other user of the service.

  4. Submit any Harmful or Dangerous content.

  5. Use misleading meta data, Spamming, or Scams

  6. Impersonate any other user of the service or any of Ullplay's staff or representatives or use other people's username.

  7. Breach the security of another user's account, the website or any of its services

  8. Advertise other music download/sales sites on Ullplay

  9. Flag other artists for no unlawful reason

Ullplay's Actions

a) Copyright: under no circumstances are you to upload any copyright material. Unless you own the copyright or have owner's permission, it is up to user to prove they have permission to upload the copyright material.

If you suspect any misuse of copyright material on the site. Please flag it or report it straight away to Ullplay, so our staff can investigate straight away.

b) Nudity or sexual content: Ullplay is not a porn site. It is a music site. Any person or persons, found to be uploading pornographic material or child exploitation, will be reported and its material taken down immediately. So please keep Ullplay clean and report or flag any content that contains such material.

c) Hateful & Harmful content: Ullplay will not support or promote any content that contains violence against users or groups based on race or ethnic origin ,religion, sexuality, disability, nationality, age, gender, size, All content that is used to support and promote this behaviour will be kept in case of legal reasons.

d) Making Threats on Ullplay such as harassment, stalking, predatory behaviour, intimidation, invading other user's privacy, encourage others to commit violence or to mistreat the Ullplay users or sites terms and conditions in any way. Anyone found to be behaving in this way will have account closed.

e) Harmful or dangerous content: Please don't post harmful videos, pictures, or written content on Ullplay that could may or will cause harm to other users or children. Any content that is considered harmful or dangerous will be removed.

f) Spam, misleading Meta data, and scams: OK everyone hates it, so come on don't do it. Don't make misleading tags, tittles or thumbnails, to increase your views. Again anyone found to be doing this will be removed and banned from Ullplay.

g) Impersonation: Anyone found impersonating someone else who they are not. And found giving false information to obtain a false identity to gain popularity will be removed and banned from Ullplay.

h) Username: if you select or use as a user id or username with the intent to:

  1. Impersonate that person.

  2. Gain any rights of a person other than you without appropriate authorization.

  3. Or that is otherwise offensive vulgar or obscene.

Then you will be removed and banned from site.

i) Breaching Security: Please notify Ullplay immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your Ullplay account. Anyone found breaching security will be removed and banned from Ullplay.

j) Flagging & Policing: Is the responsibility of the user, Any user found to be abusing the Ullplay flagging system will be removed and banned from site.

Ullplay have the right to remove or delete any account without any notice for any reason at any time. Ullplay's decision is final.

Ullplay Summary

The Ullplay team will act as quickly as possible to remove unwanted material or any unwanted user's that misuses the site. So to make sure every user can have a clean friendly experience while using the site we expect all users to police and report any copyright or unwanted material that they find during their use of the site.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our Community Guidelines please remember to treat every user with respect and to submit your own material at all times

Thank you and enjoy

Dated: October 25 2015